Rejuvenation eat 3 purple food

How to have a beautiful old face, for each image is most people look forward to things. With the passage of time, years of growth rings on our left a deep mark on his face. And by the time our skin care, tried a number of ways, all kinds of expensive skin care products are used, but the effect is minimal. Then you may wish to try therapeutic approach. The following small series to introduce 3 kinds of purple food, as long as the beauty of eating can easily prevent failure. First, eat 3 purple food failure-proof beauty

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1, purple grape

Purple grape is a kind of life people eat fruit, its refreshing taste and win the love of adults and children. Eating purple grapes can not only satisfy your taste buds to enjoy, it is also very good anti-aging food choice.

Purple grapes rich in anthocyanins and flavonoids, both of these substances are a potent source of antioxidants can not only very good additional information needed by the human body, also helps in the Elimination of the skin produced by the metabolism of free radicals as well as play a key role against aging, can effectively reduce the occurrence of wrinkles on the skin, additional delay vision degradation also played an important role.

In addition, it also contains an important trace element in the purple grapes, after intake by the body can effectively prevent healthy cells cancerous, are the main factors that stop the spread of cancer cells, so eat some grapes but also can effectively prevent cancer.

2, purple sweet potato

Purple Potatoes are a delicious diet eat food, purple potatoes other than ordinary sweet potatoes contain nutrients, but also rich in important trace amounts of selenium and the anthocyanins.

Which is the main source of added trace elements selenium and main elements of the human body resist aging, blood, has excellent health care functions, easy to be absorbed by the body, so that it can stay in the serum, boosting the body’s immunity, cell cancer arising from the Elimination of free radicals in a timely manner, it is also effective to prevent cancer.

Anthocyanins can protect brain cells from damaging external, but also can reduce the harm brought about by the antibiotic.

3, purple rice

Rice is a kind of sticky rice, purple black color, tastes sweet and delicious. Rice is rich in cellulose, which can well promote intestinal peristalsis, which promotes the secretion of digestive juices, it’s relieve constipation, reduce the body’s absorption of cholesterol.

And are also rich in anthocyanins in purple rice, this is an excellent antioxidant, well the Elimination of free radicals produced by the metabolism of the skin against aging.
For some people with mild anemia symptoms, eat rice but also have good improvement. Because rice containing sulfur and ammonia, and amino acids, these two substances can add nutrients for the human body, also can improve anemia and maintenance of the good physical and mental health.

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