Recommended foods for you to lift the negative emotions

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Intense-calcium supplement

Calcium promotes bone health, human emotions also play a regulatory role. It soothes tight muscles, relaxing and elimination uneasy mood. So often in high pressure work environment people need calcium, which help the body reduce excitability.

Recommended foods: dairy products, Sesame, fish, seaweed and other

Irritability–vitamin B6

Even without what happened will particularly irritable? On the days of each month, is angry will just turn to the side of the people’s Congress? No way, who makes the girls feel more vulnerable to the effects of estrogen! At this time you need to add some more vitamin B6, which together with zinc stimulates insulin secretion, allow your emotions to keep peace, suppressed anger, especially female endocrine system can be adjusted against emotional upset reaction.

Recommended foods: grains, such as whole grains, beans, chicken

Melancholy-folic acid

Mention folic acid, most people will think “Mummy added this”. In fact, folic acid is one of the most important nutrients for ordinary people, it is to improve our mood a big tool! United Kingdom University of York study showed that folic acid in the body and helps the body synthesize a natural antidepressant substances SAM-e, raise the level of serotonin in the brain, mood, cheerful, very effective against depression.

Recommended food: leafy green vegetables, bananas, liver

Low self-esteem – supplementary tryptophan

Tryptophan is an amino acid can make people happy. Canada researchers found that once the tryptophan levels in human blood, all kinds of negative psychology appears, makes people feel inferior. And if daily intake of 3 grams of tryptophan, confidence will be strengthened to varying degrees.

Recommended food: millet, cheese, mushrooms and other

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