4 foods to edema, minutes to eat their slap in face!

Girls want to have slapped my face, but some people are born face big, really can improve? In fact not, face shape and genetic, can only say that, as far as possible make my face appear smaller and smaller. In the diet, there are 4 food is able to effectively remove the edema of the face, lose excess fat on your face, check back with us.

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+ 1, wax gourd corn

Soup with winter melon and corn, fat free, edema, practice is not difficult, but keep in mind one important point: less salt, drink one to two months, will take effect.

2, parsley + milk

Milk has a whitening effect, the high nutritional value of celery, parsley as ingredients, crisp and refreshing, lipid. Squeezed into two pieces of celery juice and milk, mixing water, can promote fat burning on the face, can play a role in thin face.

3, carrot + honey

Honey has the efficacy of detoxification, beauty, and the carrot is rich in various vitamins, is very easy, pressed a glass of fresh carrot juice, then add one teaspoon honey mix to drink it! Every morning after getting up, drinking a cup of, facials, detoxification, eliminates edema of the face, Oh!

4, persimmon cake

Persimmon cake sweet and delicious, thin face and sweet girls, is the best choice, it has a high nutritional value, a persimmon vitamin c, half of the amount required to meet the day, but also help the stomach to digest, but eating should not be same food of kelp, seaweed, radish, Oh!

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