Most cancer-fighting power of food

United States cancer organizations believe that the anticancer potential of the world’s plants, topped the list is garlic. Study found that garlic contains germanium and selenium and other elements can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and cancer cells, and allicin can effectively kill bacteria and fungi in the body, thereby blocking the carcinogen nitrosamine synthesis.

Tips  Most cancer-fighting power of food 28545306854_de79bfff89_o Photo: vision China

Allicin is generated by the raw garlic was mashed or mouth after chewing, which contained garlic-generating enzyme release, Allin transformed into allicin. Therefore, if cooked before eating garlic, garlic enzyme is destroyed, it would be impossible to produce allicin sterilization effect. Garlic contains active ingredients of certain blocking synthesis of nitrosamine can also vary due to heat loss.

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