Three vegetables anti-cancer effect is singularly good

Some foods taste unpleasant, anti-cancer function of prescription drops. Look at 3 was shut out cancer chili.

Chinese chives

Leek is very high in vitamins and beta-carotene, these nutrients help enhance vision, relieve eye fatigue, very suitable for people who use computers for a long time to eat, but high carotene helps to enhance immunity, prevent cancer, antioxidant, anti-aging is very good.

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Spring onions

Scallion also has anti-cancer effect. Chives contained pectin can greatly reduce the incidence of colon cancer, has an anti-cancer effect, of allicin in onions also inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Chive eating salad or seasoning are very appropriate, however, to note that should not be fried, fried for too long.


Garlic also has the function of preventing certain cancers. It can inhibit stomach bacteria that produce nitrosamines and reduce the formation of nitrosamines, prevention of stomach cancer. Survey data show that the kinds of garlic and the area, and people used to eat garlic, the incidence of gastric cancer is only the rest of the 1/3.

People who eat raw garlic for a long time, stomach strong carcinogen nitrosamine precursors in—-nitrite contents, far less than people in other regions, manufacturing the bacteria were inhibited nitrosamine. Garlic has sulfa components, gathered body parts in the heavy metal, take them out of the body.

But what about the garlic will have a heavier tone? Simply, chew some after eating the garlic tea or warm milk are good choices. Tieguanyin tea and see results.

However, eating garlic is also taboo, weak man, having once one or two cloves of garlic, or easy to get angry. In addition, the garlic is best in the morning and at noon, because eating garlic at night are more likely to irritate nasal, pharyngeal and gastric mucosa.

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