Best Apple fruit picking time to eat more nutritious breakfast

Optima:, pear,

Eat fruit in the morning to help digestion and absorption, Ubi, and fruity sweet and sour taste, can make people feel refreshed all day. Man’s stomach after a night after the function is still activated, digestive function is not strong. Acid is not too strong, astringent fruit that isn’t too strong, such as apples, pears, grapes and so on is a good choice for.

Don’t eat before a meal: tomatoes,,,, persimmon

Some fruit is not allowed before a meal on an empty stomach, such as tomatoes, oranges, Hawthorn, banana, etc. Fruit soluble in astringent, if taken on an empty stomach, it will combine with stomach acid in the stomach and pain caused by pressure. Oranges contain a lot of organic acid, is easy to eat on an empty stomach bloating, acid regurgitation. Hawthorn is sour in taste, eaten on an empty stomach stomach pain.

Higher levels of potassium and magnesium in the banana, banana on an empty stomach, increasing the amount of magnesium in the blood have an inhibitory effect on cardiovascular. So want to banana diet must pay attention to one’s friends, not just for the sake weight-loss damages health.

Persimmon has a convergence effect, meet the stomach acid will form a persimmon stone, can neither Digest nor discharge, fasting a lot after eating, nausea and other symptoms.

Magistrates or after dinner: pineapple, papaya, Kiwi, oranges, Hawthorn

Pineapple contains Bromelain helps Digest protein, complement deficiency of digestive enzymes in the human body, enhance digestive function. Li Shizhen in compendium of Materia Medica in the affirmation, spleen in pineapple and solid strength. After a meal eat pineapple, appetizer along, the solution greasy, digestion.

Papaya Papaya Enzyme helps the body break down meat, eating a small amount of papaya, prevention, intestines, indigestion, has a certain effect. Kiwi fruit, such as oranges, Hawthorn, rich in organic acid can increase the activity of digestive enzymes and promote lipolysis, helps digestion.

Late nerves: eat longans

Midnight snack to eat fruit is bad for the digestion, and because fruits contain too much sugar, easily lead to excess heat, causing obesity. Especially before going to sleep to eat fruits with high fiber content, filling of the gastrointestinal tract makes sleep affected on gastrointestinal function of poor people, are harmful to health. But if it is bad, you can eat a few dried longan, which has a calming sleep effect, can make you sleep more soundly.

Summer Eating Watermelon, drugs do not catch

Watermelon is rich in vitamin a, Bl, B2, c, sucrose, fructose, glucose, Malic acid, glutamic acid, and arginine, qingre, diuresis, reducing blood pressure effects, hot thirst, heat, sweating, scanty urine, such as a certain degree of secondary effects.

Lemon has an anti-cancer effect

Citrus fruit to lungs and Qi, fresh orange juice contains a variety of creatine and vitamins, to help human metabolism, has a whitening effect, also a variety of health benefits. Network of white wire on orange flesh, and contains vitamin p can prevent hypertension, expectorant effect. There is a famous oil, limonene oil, the essential oil is a major part of most Orange Orange, current research suggests that limonene has an anti-cancer effect.

Papaya treatment of protein disorder

Papaya is not only a delicious fruit, and health effects. Papaya contains a known as papaya (papain) important digestive enzymes, protein foods can be broken down into digestible State, can dissolve up to 35 times the lean meat in itself, this is what people will use papaya to reasons for protein digestion disorders, the papaya tree’s leaves and unripe papaya is most abundant in the Peel.

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