How can food better nutrition

From the following note:

(1) vegetable wash, Peel the fruit to eat again when, in case of dissolution in water and in the air.

(2) the vessel steamed or fried rice, and fish rice compared the former BL and B2 saving rate is high.

(3) vegetable best Mong imagined stir and simmer, this loss of c.

(4) the rational use of spices, vinegar can serve to protect the vegetables in b vitamins and vitamin c.

(5) when do fish and, add a little vinegar may dissolve in the presence of bone mass in the road and absorbed.

(6) eat less fried foods, because the high temperatures have a destructive effect on vitamin.

(7) when used as a stuffing steamed buns or dumplings, cabbage in the pressure out of the water, add some water to the boil, add a little salt and sesame oil to drink prevents vitamins and nothing to lose

(8) do not use boiling water when preparing milk, preferably with 40~60du in warm water, so as not to damage the milk nutrition while maintaining milk taste. Put cheese on the bread heating temperature is not too high, just reached the appropriate inlet temperature can be. If mixed congee or rice cereal, cheese, do not in Riga, hot cereal, and cool, and can be imported when added.

(Practice editing: Yang Quanfen)

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