Bao an orange, Orange was equal to five drugs

Sweet and sour, the nourishment is abundant, is the winter fruit of choice for many people. Orange small Orange can say the body is a treasure,, stringy Central nuclear, Orange, Orange flesh is “natural medicine”, with the lungs, cough, phlegm and spleen, the effect along, thirst.

Bao an orange, Orange was equal to five drugs

Fresh orange peel

Fresh orange peel contains a lot of c and essential oils, regulating Qi and resolving phlegm and spleen function. Be chewed and spat it out after residue, repeat several times, to remove more effective. Orange tea, taste, and ventilation, refreshing.

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Helps digestion

Orange dry and mature skins, Chan is preferred. Orange Peel is Sun-dried orange peel, and the older, the better. Chen Pi Weixin, bitter, warm in nature, the spleen, the stomach, the effectiveness of invigorating the spleen and wheting, attending. Citrus and rice congee, or stews. Harvest when the orange peel, to the white of the endothelial-red jacket Orange, infrared skin endothelial called orange white white, clinical and special, both effects with dried orange peel, but the former is focused on drying damp and eliminating phlegm, which is longer than the stomach wet.

The stringy Central vascular

Orange white mesh silk, called “the stringy Central” because it contains a named “rutin” nutrients, so it has a bitter taste. But the substance can make blood vessels maintain normal elasticity and density, reduce fragility and permeability of the vascular wall to prevent. The stringy Central can be eaten or used to soak up water to drink.

Orange nuclear ease menstrual cramps

Orange nuclear regulating gastric, pain, temperature, both cold and pain, it can help women alleviate. Recommended making tea with orange of nuclear, General 3~5 g; if hurt badly, you can use 10 grams.

Orange flesh thirst

Orange flesh water, to quench thirst. Modern studies have shown that oranges are rich in vitamin c, beta-carotene, folic acid and other nutrients, and also contain antioxidant and anti-ingredients, can reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. It contains “nomilin” also has anticancer effect can prevent gastric cancer.

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