These people eat fruit “fruit”

Fruit attributes are divided into three

Fruits can be divided into cold,, ganping 3 categories. Cold fruits are citrus, Orange, diamond,,,, persimmons and watermelons, physical deficiency and cold people of Shensi. Warm fruit jujube, chestnut, peach, apricot, grape, cherry, pomegranate, longan, litchi, pineapple, fitness hot and the people are eating in moderation. Ganping fruits with plum, Plum, coconut, Hawthorn, loquat, Apple and so on, these fruits are suitable for people of all physical.

Acidic fruit to eat too much

Acid fruit as Bayberry, and plum, and plum,, by containing of acid material easily was oxidation decomposition, easy led to body partial acid, General should not be more eat; acid fruit in the containing tannic acid, and seafood with food will and protein solidification, precipitation Yu intestinal within, caused, and abdominal pain and; and fruit in the of sour with gastric acid with stimulus stomach Mucosa, ulcer disease patients also should not be eat acid fruit.

Three kinds of fruit were weight loss enemy

All fruits are low in fat, suitable for dieters? This is a misunderstanding. Avocado, coconut and Durian enemy 3 fruits to lose weight, compared with Apple 60 calories per 100 grams, the same component of the avocado contains 180 calories, coconut, Durian contains 354 calories more than 459 calories. Coconut more saturated fat, a lot of eating high levels of, and increase the risk of disease and.

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