Drinking milk must pay attention to three small details

Milk is rich in,, and other food. Nutrition experts caution that eating milk should pay attention to the three “detail”, so as to avoid loss of nutrients.

Avoid milk and water with

Some like milk and drinking tea, a habit from the South than North.

In fact, this method of drinking is not scientific, because the milk is rich in ions, and some of the ingredients will hinder calcium absorption in the intestines, weaken the nutrients of the milk itself.

Second, avoid sun milk

Exposed to sunlight in the milk will soon be destroyed, so storing the milk container for the best selection of colored or not, and store it in a cool place.

Third, avoid reheating milk

At present, the application also in some high-end utensils, copper chafing dish, heated copper Cup.

Copper can accelerate the destruction, especially during the heating process, the copper with the catalysis of chemical reactions that occur in the milk, will accelerate the loss.

Drink milk to forget details his mouth stinks

Milk contains nutrients, often referred to as essential “white blood”. However, each time you drink the milk, people often feel throat dry and had a weird taste. Beijing stomatological Yang Hong, said, this is because we have ignored the last line “processes”-drink a small glass of warm water.

Many people do not notice the small details, that after you drink the milk and brush the, while others even drink the milk before going to bed just to sleep. In fact, these are easy to form bad habits of oral diseases.

“If you want to prevent breeding ground for bacteria in the mouth, drink the milk immediately after rinsing, it can not only remove any milk remaining in the mouth, can wash away milk residues in the throat, play a role in clean oral cavity and moisten the throat.

But note that water must be a small amount, because they drink too much water will dilute the gastric juice concentration, influence milk digestion and absorption in the body. Especially at night not to drink too much, drinking too much easy cause puffy skin, also old running toilet in the Middle, affect sleep quality.

Drink a glass of milk a day more appropriate

From Harvard University and other research institutions in nutritional epidemiology and dairy products 36 expert consensus reached recently, United States 2005 revised milk consumption guidelines “recommend adults to drink three glasses of milk a day” is unwise, drink a glass of milk a day for adults is appropriate.

(Editors: Luo Liping practice editing: Yang Quanfen)

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