Which parts of livestock cannot eat the fish

That piece of meat eating animals, time always feel boring. Now, people tried to livestock, poultry, fish and other animals by fine cooking all kinds of parts on the table. However, some parts are definitely cannot eat, otherwise it will affect human health, and even lead.

Fish “black”: most of the fish body of internal coating on both sides with a layer of black, to fish the most a strong foul smell, earthy part, containing large amounts of histamine, lipoid and, eating,, and other symptoms caused by histamine.

Neck: the neck bloody section below, mostly fat. This part of harmful substances and pathogenic micro-organisms more content than the other lot. In addition, the knots can’t eat the meat of pig neck, known as “meat-date” thing. Edible when they should be grey, yellow or dark red meat lump removed, because they contain a lot of bacteria and viruses, if consumption is vulnerable. Cattle and sheep as well. Folk cannot be eaten, especially sows nipples can not be eaten. This has no scientific basis. Just sow meat and old, rarely used in home cooking.

Tail comb: comb to eat. There is an old Chinese proverb: the tail of the decade than arsenic. Why do chickens get older, head of greater toxicity? This is because chickens will eat into the harmful heavy metals in the pecking, and over time, these heavy metals are deposited on the head.

My chicken duck neck: the part of meat, blood vessels, and lymph glands are relatively concentrated. Occasional fill your belly is not a problem, be aware that is, eating, don’t skin and lymphatic Detox glands are concentrated under the skin of the neck. Some people used to eat duck neck bite, be careful not to tracheal eat duck neck inside the skeleton, trachea to gas exchange, prone to bacteria.

Chicken tips or duck-Tip: also known as “chicken butt”, “chicken sharp hip.” Chickens, ducks, geese and other poultry butt end long tail parts, meat fat and tender, scientific name “Fabricius”. This area is where the lymph glands are concentrated, for lymph node macrophages devour germs and viruses, even carcinogenic substances can swallow, but unable to break down, thus precipitating in the sharp hip. Sharp hip warehouse as a den.

Sheep hanging bars: also called hoof Bai Zhu, long hoof between the shoulder blade and is sheep hoof diseases virus within organizations, usually beaded circle, to be removed when eating.

(Editors: Luo Liping practice editing: Yang Quanfen)

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