Snack healthy “three dimensional” helps you to sleep

Date nights are short and the weather is hot, for supper big up. Supper to say this thing, everyone knows is bad, to the point, hungry mouths craving, snacks how to choose? Select easy to digest milk is not only healthy, it can also sleep.

For a healthy supper harm than good, such as easy to get fat, affect sleep, and may lead to pancreatitis, and so on. Like editing, security, the night shift, warehouse management and other special types, often staying up late or all night to start, don’t eat really hungry was oppressive effects work in the evening. Then the supper became a necessity, must conform to the gut to digest regular food choices.

Snack healthy “three dimensional”

Time: fast and early

Chiyexiao of time about contains two aspects of requirements: a for eat things of time to fast, don’t small wine drink with, free days chat with more eat more long, more eat more more, away from sleep of time increasingly near, on body of effect also on increasingly big; II for chiyexiao of hours, certainly is away from sleep time more far more good, but just eat finished dinner soon people and not has hunger sense, so if stayed up late, can select eat dinner, and sleep time of middle time chiyexiao.

People stay up 22 points, one or two o’clock in the morning are commonplace, Midnight snack became a necessity. Then you have to comply with intestinal digestion pattern choosing time. Chen Zuhui pointed out that from the perspective of bowel regularity, people while awake, enjoy 4 hours of it will feel hungry. So, if a 6 o’clock dinner went to bed around 10, don’t eat supper. If 11 or 12 o’clock at night to sleep, eight or nine points to some late-night snacks. If you stayed up late to bed at one or two o’clock in the morning, you can eat at around 10.

Eat weight: sleep near, eat less

Nearer the time away from sleep, supper to eat less. But if you need to stay up late, sleep time and for a long time, you can eat, sometimes components can be the same as dinner.

This is because, if soon sleep, human of organ also followed dormant, and food in the of protein, and, and sugar points, material to through gastrointestinal Digest, through liver, and kidney, organ metabolism, then let they additional starts, not only increased burden, they of efficiency also will not satisfactory, research displayed, not science to eat snack is obesity, and urine, and, and coronary heart disease, and pancreatic inflammatory, and disease, disease of induced factors.

But if not so fast asleep, dinner had to digest, to alleviate hunger, body, of course you can eat. If staying up until 2 o’clock in the morning till 10 o’clock in the evening to eat a little more, even for the meals so rich houfei. Of course, under normal circumstances, snack volume reaching 50%~70% on meals can be.

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