White-collar MM the drink several cups of tea a day

Now more and more people use computers for a living, but you know! sat in front of the computer every day to maintain healthy and beautiful, with the years, acknowledge the hard, poor circulation, sitting, three five o’clock to stay up, if coupled with not eating food, over time the body but will protest you oh. Computer for a long time is not good, then what? in fact, four cups of tea per day can not only fight against radiation, can also protect the eyes.

1, a cup of green tea in the morning: green tea contains powerful antioxidants and vitamin c, not only can scavenge free radicals, also can excrete antagonism stress hormones. Contains small amounts of caffeine in green tea stimulates the central nervous system, lift your spirits. But it’s better to drink during the day, so as not to interfere with sleep.

2 and in the afternoon a cup of Chamomile tea: Chrysanthemum have eyesight liver role, some people simply bubbles with chrysanthemum with wolfberry drink, or join the honey chrysanthemum tea, are helpful to relieving depression.

3, fatigue, a cup of medlar tea: wolfberry rich in beta carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin c, calcium, iron, liver, kidney, eyesight role. Has its own sweet tea like the raisins for snacks, to tackle the “computer” eyes Shibuya, fatigue effects.

4, evening Cup of tea cassia: Cassia has heat, eyesight, fill the brains, the role of Zhen-Qi, nourishing bones, if people with constipation can also be dinner after dinner drink, is effective in the treatment of constipation.

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