Vegetables delicious to eat too much

Vegetables contain rich, and is rich in dietary fiber. Eat vegetables promote intestinal motility, promoting defecation, needed to provide the body trace, role to play against and to ensure the normal functions of various organs of the body.

However, excess intake of vegetables will have the following effects:

Some vegetables contain more oxalic acid form

, Contains more, such as oxalic acid, combined with other foods, easy to form oxalate stones, this is a lot like being a vegetarian one reason for women prone to stones.

Heavier stone disease

Most of the vegetables are alkaline food, for patients with calcium stones, increasing daily eat lots alkaline foods can make the stones, and not easily excreted.

Difficult to digest

High fiber content of vegetables, such as celery, bamboo shoots, a lot of eating is hard to digest, small bowel disease should not be.

CF also easy to cause bleeding in the stomach or esophageal bleeding patients, worse.

Effect of calcium absorption

Pregnant women and growing children, adolescents, high vegetable intake hinder calcium absorption in the body, affects intellectual development of children and bone growth.

If the “diet” and “satiety” and eat a lot of vegetables, reduce meat, fish, or fasting, will not only affect the body’s intake and absorption of essential acids, high quality, result, also hindered the absorption from the vegetarian food rich in calcium, zinc and other nutrients.

Women, in particular, should be taken to avoid excessive vegetarian and caused by calcium deficiency.

(Editors: Luo Liping practice editing: Yang Quanfen)

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