Dinner eat fruit, careful accumulation of fat

Many people think that the fruits are rich in fiber, contain few and, use fruit instead of dinner, you can eat sparingly, and with one stone.

In fact, from a nutritional perspective, the fruit is not very low food, it contains sugar and of high and low. Because sweet is easy to eat too much, which will convert the sugar accumulation. Eat dinner a lot of fruit in particular, were more likely to cause fat to accumulate. For example, approximately 30,000 calories per 100 grams, 100 grams can provide about 90,000 calories, if one can eat a lot, that calorie intake is not low. And in summer, some girls just eat dinner, in fact, half a medium-large watermelon make you unknowingly ate 680,000 calories, the equivalent of about three bowls of rice. So eat only fruits without eating, and the results could backfire.

In fact, necessary for the human body and some, such as,,, and fat, little content in the fruit. So long for dinner with fruit, whether not so excessive, can lead to inadequate intake of protein and, thus causing, function and so on. Right way to lose weight is light and fresh with regular exercise, and occasionally eat fruit meal perhaps, but not every day.

(Editors: Luo Liping practice editing: Yang Quanfen)

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