Ten errors eat you don’t have nutrition

1. Often before a meal to eat tomatoes

Tomatoes should be to eat a meal. In this way, the acid mixes with the food greatly reduces acidity, avoid the intragastric pressure increases caused, making babies, upset stomach and other symptoms.

2. And made mud mixed with radish sauce

Do not ground into the mud with carrot and radish sauce. Because carrots contain can destroy enzymes, completely destroyed in radish.

So what taboos are there when you eat carrots?

United States food experts warn: “carrot wine” of eating is not recreation. Because carrots are rich in carotene and alcohol enters the body, it will produce toxins that cause liver disease.

3. Excessive consumption of carotene

Although beta carotene is nutrition for babies, but also pay attention to eat. Baby vegetable juice made from carrots or tomatoes, carrots are likely resulted from blood, making the face and hand Orange, appearance, mental instability, restless, even sleeping is not practical, also,, sleep and other symptoms.

4. Mushrooms too clean or wash in water

Mushroom contains lysergic Zi alcohol, exposure to sunlight will be converted. But if you not overly washed or soaked in water before eating, you won’t lose a lot of nutrients. Can’t use pots or pans when cooking mushrooms, so as not to cause nutrient loss.

5. Eat fried bean sprouts

Bean quality tender delicious, nutritious, but be sure to fry. Otherwise, after eating there,,, and discomfort.

6. Give babies too much to eat

Spinach contains large amounts of oxalic acid, not give babies too much to eat. Oxalic acid and oxalic acid and oxalic acid and generated in the human body, not easy to absorb excreted, affect the absorption of calcium and zinc in the intestine, easily lead to calcium deficiency, zinc deficiency, leading to poor bone and tooth development, also affect mental development.

7. Baby don’t Blanch in boiling water

Momordica charantia oxalate can interfere with calcium absorption from food. Therefore, before eating should put the bitter gourd in Blanch in boiling water for a minute, to mow the acid, the baby can’t eat too much of calcium needs to add a large number of bitter melon.

8. After the leeks Cook store too long

Leeks do best now to eat won’t keep long. If stored for too long, in which large amounts of nitrate into nitrite, causing toxic effects. In addition, babies can’t eat leeks.

9. Eating green leafy vegetables and simmer for a long time

Green leafy vegetables to simmer in cooking for too long. Otherwise, leaves will turn nitrate to nitrite in vegetables, easy to make babies.

10. Frozen vegetables Cook for too long

Frozen vegetables have been brushing, do not cook too long, or it will go bad, lose a lot of nutrients.

(Editors: Luo Liping practice editing: Yang Quanfen)

The article collected by HealthyFoodCN.COM

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