“Best stomach congee” are errors

Many patients believe that porridge of soft, easy to digest, and can reduce the burden on the stomach. In fact, this view is not comprehensive.

Compared to fried, unleavened bread, noodle, boiled corn, steamed steamed corn bread, porridge is soft, easy to digest, but porridge is not good for digestion and absorption. Because the porridge not chew slowly, not promote the secretion of the salivary glands of the mouth, and amylase in saliva helps digestion, and porridge with water and dilutes the gastric juices, accelerated the swelling of the stomach, the stomach moving slowly is not conducive to digestion and absorption. If you like hot porridge, its temperature stimulation is also bad for your stomach. Patients should not eat porridge every day, but should choose easy digestion and absorption of food, eat slowly, and improves digestion, the more useful.

If urban white-collar workers in the busy pace of life in the stomach pain, the emergency effects of using speaker cards are exposed is a good choice. But it should be noted that depending on the severity, doctor to the hospital in time to guide drug use.

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