Detrimental to man food

Detrimental to man food

Increased social pressures, men working under pressure and gradually increase to a life. Insomnia, depression, sexual dysfunction, are threats to men’s health. As the home of one day, men’s health should not be ignored. Between husband and wife in order to maintain a healthy quality of life, in daily diet, try to avoid following the 7 foods to restore health.

Diet may affect male “sex”

There are many factors affecting the sex, and diet is an important role for men’s sexual health. In ancient Rome, male Anorgasmia, wife fish helps his libido; Spanish chocolate stimulates male sexuality; India’s doctor recommends men should drink before sex with eggs, milk, honey and rice porridge cooked. Modern medicine found that men eating poultry, eggs, fish, meat, and helps enhance sexual function, and long-term consumption of celery, water chestnuts and smoking and drinking can reduce male libido, even leading to male infertility.

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Following this introduction, we know the diet and male sexual function are closely linked, so experts advise, everyday diet, is essential.

Against men foods exposure

Sexual function is to a large extent depend on the cardiovascular system and the nervous system transmission. Healthy foods keep them open, and junk foods make “line” plug. Therefore, the choice of food to “balance”. Health is very important for each of us, in particular, men’s health, eating a healthy diet is also an important element to ensure men’s health, foods many of them have aphrodisiac effects, but there are a lot of lost food.

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1, soybeans

Soybeans in addition to protein-rich, cholesterol-lowering effects, very useful to the body.

But recent research: estrogen trait in soybeans is a kind of food, excessive intake would increase the estrogen levels, thereby affecting male sexual characteristics.

But don’t overkill, should pay attention to is the “excess”, if it’s not every day a lot of intake is not excessive.

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