Stomach-reducing appetite don’t like cold

Stomach-reducing appetite of Chinese medicine don’t like cold

Objective: people with stomach gas, internal diseases of spleen and stomach health, thus the importance of stomach. Medicine stomach: Liang, eating yams, reduced appetite, less corruption, so the stomach heavy food. Especially China, entertainment, life is not more people pay attention to the stomach.

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A health survey, gastroscopy with abnormal 90%, ranked first in all diseases, most middle-aged people to varying degrees, suffered from stomach problems, particularly stomach ulcers. With the increase of age, thinning of the mucosa nature began to shrink, a State of chronic gastritis. In this sense, middle-aged stomach without delay.

Best tone seasons: summer. Summer in the summer (July-August) should be nourishing spleen and stomach, long summer, including aging, digestion, the body of the spleen and stomach to digest and absorb nutrients good times.

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Aftercare: appetite reduction, less corruption and cool, eats Yam

People over 40 years old, to progressively reduce food intake, overeating will not only affect the intestines leading to increased blood lipids, so long will cause memory loss, premature aging of the brain.

Second, the fear of spleen and stomach “cold” so cold foods to eat less, eat similar food and body temperature, and conducive to the maintenance of the spleen and stomach.

In addition, weak stomach people can eat more yams, atractylodes, euryale, stews or with these food gruel can be. Some seasonal beans, such as kidney beans, Netherlands beans, white beans, such as, good food is nourishing spleen and stomach.

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