Summer heat food recommendation

In summer you must be thinking what kind of drinks can be cool too! Drink recommendations that come and see us today! I hope you enjoy them!

Dwarf Hawthorn drinks

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Raw materials: from Ophiopogon japonicus, Hawthorn 10 grams each.

Method: boiling water, let it cool to drink. Spleen and stasis, thirst, disinfection and other effects.

Corn silk tea

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Raw materials: take 20 grams of corn silk.

Method: wash with boiling water immersion to drink. A natural laxative and diuretic effects.

Cassia tea

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Material: depending on Atsuko 100 grams.

Method: simmer until light yellow (do not scorch) into a covered glass bottle and set aside. Each time you take 5 grams of cassia, in a covered Cup after adding boiling water to drink. A cooling wind, liver eyesight role.

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