Rainy day to note falling rain in the summer diet should eat what?

[Reading] was a rainy season in the summer, you want to do what you should eat food when it’s raining? Rainy day temperatures are usually lower, not hot and eat.

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Summer is a season of love rain, you want to do what you should eat food when it’s raining? Rainy day temperatures are usually lower, not hot and eat. This time, the environment can be in wet conditions, so food can be hot and humid, learn some knowledge of diet, is still very necessary. Rainy day foods should be eaten warm, don’t think rain eating cold food is exciting, that is to joke about their bodies, I.

What should be eaten when it’s raining food?

First of all, to eat some foods high in calories.

In the summer, people don’t want to eat a lot of fatty foods because they feel difficult to digest or afraid of the heat is too high, coupled with the hot weather to avoid symptoms of fire, so a summer food are very delicate, inadequate intake of protein and fat. But in rainy days, eating foods high in calories not only resistance to rain and cold weather to our discomfort, can also take this opportunity to have it repaired because it did not get the nutrients. As a vegetarian for a long time, will cause insufficient intake of certain nutrients, in fact as hot summer, body sweating, will consume large amounts of energy the body material, along with the summer people mistakenly think that light was good for health, so have it repaired in the rain, is still very necessary. But nutrients are not excessive, can be appropriate when it rains eat more meats, such as beef balls, chicken stew, and so on, but be careful not to put too much spice to avoid fire.

Secondly, it can be appropriate in rainy having some congee.

Rainy day gruel, very effective nourishing our bodies, especially to the warming effect of gastric, congee is eight-treasure porridge, or is millet gruel, but best not to drink green bean soup, too cold, is not suitable for use in rainy weather to take.

Once again, staple foods can have some noodles or something like that.

Because the human body is easy to feel weak in the rainy days, and digestion in the stomach will diminish, eat some of the easy to digest foods, can also serve to protect the function of gastric function.

There is no doubt that rainy day is best for eating staple, than face, especially those bland noodle soup. It is said that rain will douse the fire in the human body, so eat something warm warm, but not too bored with too much oil because, after all, is the summer, appetite was very shallow. Therefore, a bowl of delicious soup to boil chicken soup may be the last election. Thin noodles, topped with some good chicken breast meat, soup to have a light, bright gold, with a few red medlar, a few slices of green vegetables, temperature rose from alcohol and lightly heat.

In addition, some seasonal fruits is also very good.

Falling rain is best for eating the fruit, you should be rather cumbersome to eat. Because only at this time would meditate at home, bored and want to eat the fruit. If through the big window watching the rain, eating bananas would spoil, but if sitting on the carpet, make up a porcelain pot slowly peeled lychee to eat, as is well suited to the screen.

Finally, drink some green tea and water.

Low air pressure in the rain, when the air humidity is large, the human spirit prone to fatigue, irritability, extreme irritability and other symptoms. Even on rainy days it is depression, irritability, anxiety and other symptoms of high season.

Drink plenty of green tea and water, and appropriate arrangements for a number of different ways of living, working, changing “mildew” mood: how to communicate with others, and increasing carbohydrate intake to increase blood sugar levels, increase vitality, reduce depression, in addition, such as may be appropriate to take vitamin b complex and oryzanol regulating mental or emotional.

Days of heavy rain to upset people are fed up with. In fact, this is the “heat” at work. Body heavy, hot, humid, hot, more significantly in the afternoon, did not reduce due to sweating. Rainy day for what you eat? Hot and humid after the invasion of the body, skin or eczema or boil blisters, sore tendons in joints is partial, visceral form of dampness-heat of spleen and stomach, liver and gallbladder hot and humid, such as liver pain, poor appetite, yellowing of the eyes and so on. Should pay attention to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages in the diet at this time.

Airbrushing rain what “heat”?

One is seldom in “heat” of the goods. Many people think that eating fried dough sticks, fries and other fried foods may lead to “heat”, in fact, duck or goose is also more “wet”, which a thunderstorm less suitable. Rainy day for what you eat? Cucumber is cool dishes very well, but just because I have two more garlic, spicy moisture so you eat inside and other spicy foods such as peppers, mustard, pepper, also may help damp-heat in your body to grow. In addition, once the cooking when the oil temperature is too high, may also make food grow hot and humid place. Vegetables, kale, onions and leeks, and can also grow hot and humid. Meat, beef, lamb, meat, and hot and humid “get closer.”

Second, some “heat” of food. Peanut oil, rapeseed oil and corn oil are not easy to get out of the heat problem. For thunderstorm season “humid” foods are pumpkin, Poria, Shepherd’s purse, Lily, lettuce, melon, crucian carp, red bean, Coix seed, corn, etc.

In short, rainy day, drink some hot tea to drink, eat some food, with a damp cold condiments are very suitable. And to keep warm.

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