Moon baby “little Moon” resistant small cakes: cauliflower

[Reading] baby is high season in the fall, especially respiratory and digestive diseases. Preparing for baby easily digestible food, protecting the stomach is also required of the parents. Next, let us look at the experts recommend for moms baby “little cake”!

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Annual festival also came in this family reunion day, Moon and eating mooncakes are necessary. But the baby’s parents struggled with babies still so small, can you eat moon cakes, eat moon cakes is good? In this regard, the parenting expert advise and recommend the baby’s health for parents “small moon cakes.”

Moon cake texture is hard and difficult to digest, and foods that are high in sugar and calories, the baby burden easily cause stomach upset after eating, causing indigestion, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Especially for three age following of baby for, its gastrointestinal function yet development completely, against disease capacity extremely weak, again plus comes as autumn disease high sent season, if edible cakes improper words, on has may to baby body brings is big hurt, so parents are also is caution for good, up also only to baby feeding few of bean or buns stuck of cakes, must not because baby greedy and relax alert.

Baby is high season in the fall, especially respiratory and digestive diseases. Preparing for baby easily digestible food, protecting the stomach is also required of the parents. Next, let us look at the experts recommend for moms baby “little cake”!

Disease resistance of small cakes: cauliflower

Cauliflower and delicate texture, nutrient-rich, easy to digest, suitable for baby food of the spleen and stomach and digestive function is not strong. Especially cauliflower can stimulate the cells to make good for the body-type II enzymes of protective enzymes, and can make the mucosa of the small intestine activity increased 30 times, improving the ability to break down harmful substances, the baby’s body is in a virtuous circle.

After the small moon cakes: taro

Taro contains protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements, and soft, smooth texture, easy to digest, has stomachic effects, especially for sick babies in the restoring state after eating.

Su Bao Small cake: white fungus

White fungus called “Su Bao”, Yin, lungs, saliva, blood cholesterol, rich in vitamin c, iron, calcium and other elements, easy to digest, is a tonic that nourishing food. Stewed with rock sugar boil water with clothing is ideal for nourishing yin and lungs, and can be used to adjust the baby fall dry lungs dry cough. Diarrhea in babies is not edible, so as not to aggravate the disease.

Small mooncake: autumn OU

Lotus in the autumn of crisp and juicy, rich sweet, easily digestible, rich in trace elements such as iron, calcium, plant proteins, vitamins, starch content is very rich, there are clear of replenishing Qi and blood, boosting the body’s immunity function. Raw qingrun efficacy, especially suitable for the fire baby, prevention and treatment of autumn dry has a unique effect. Cooked the medicinal properties of Lotus root by the cool temperature, without the function of removing blood stasis and clearing away heat and into invigorating stomach and spleen, nourishing blood tonic, particularly suitable for baby food after spleen and stomach disease.

Fire small cakes: carrot

Carrots contain more water, vitamin c, and a certain amount of calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, also contains a small amount of protein, iron and other beneficial ingredients, has the effect of clearing heat and phlegm in early autumn to eat carrots, can remove the height of summer in the heart of suffering, and quickly recovered. Raw with thirst, clearing heat, food digestion and strengthening the spleen. Radishes capable of regulating the spleen and stomach, autumn of indigestion, wind-heat type common cold, tonsillitis, cough and sputum, throat pain and other diseases also have the role of adjuvant therapy.

Nutrition small cakes: Vitamin a

Baby fall prone to respiratory and digestive diseases, and vitamin a are essential nutrients for maintaining system health, mothers must not ignore this particular small cakes. Adequate amounts of vitamin a supplementation for babies need food and medicine assisted each other. Fruits such as cherries, banana, litchi, mustard, tomato, spinach and other vegetables and pork, chicken, fish and other animals are a good vitamin a supplementation of the food.

In addition, vitamin AD preparation rich in vitamin a (commonly known as cod liver oil) is best for baby to take security of drugs. Mother are can select doctor recommended and most mother are General recognized of brand as Iraq can new vitamin AD drops such of sinopharm side effect: unknown products, Iraq can new strictly according to 3:1 of vitamin a, and vitamin d science ratio development, in added vitamin a, of while, also can effective prevention China infant high sent of addition a nutrition lack disease–vitamin d lack sex rickets…… Also, new or replaced the original with a light peanut-flavored fish, more suitable for baby to take, and gourd-type soft capsule design, but also by the mother and baby love. Mothers also according to baby’s age, select 0~1sui and 1~3sui, respectively two different types.

All moms and dads, you down yet? With these healthy “small cakes”, believe that a baby can healthily and happily enjoy the happiness of the Festival with your family!

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