Sleepy that where there are problems every day

Trapped in the autumn than “autumn Tiger” makes us more sad, when I was busier than now, have never seen so bad now, adding a class, as if strength is not entitled. Is there some good ways to keep us out of the autumn storm, a real autumn, energetic?

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Sweet lunch

Increased protein

When work pressures and eat sweets will feel a lot better, over time, we started to depend on dessert. Autumn, sleepy, and still, habit should be placed in the Office for some dessert, eat some now and then, so that the mood will be much better, the spirit is not too bad.

But if we were at lunch time to eat too much sugar, protein is not enough, this afternoon will be more tired then? if you eat too much sugar in the lunch with lower protein, you will feel fatigue in the afternoon. Wannan Medical College Department of Psychology Director Liu Xinmin explained, because sugar increases the sedative sailuotuoni content in the brain. Protein can compensate sugar subject to sailuotuoni caused by sleepiness. Therefore, in order to maintain balance, if eating sugar a little at noon, will be appropriately increased protein intake, as long as your lunch is included in the balance of sugar and protein, it can help you avoid depressions in the afternoon.

Drink less

8~10 Cup

Periodical is considered the nerve center of the blood pressure is too low, the causes may be exhausted. Once we feel thirsty, has lost a lot of fluid in the body, reduced levels of fluid in the body, then our strength will decline, caused by loss of water can lower blood pressure and lead to fatigue. Our young people to drink 1500~2000ml water, if we like sports, doing a lot of exercise, so water will increase, and cannot be a thirsty to drink water until you have.

Some people standing for a long time became dizzy, giddy feeling when standing shower, which is likely to be the nerve center of blood pressure is too low. If itself is the nerve center of patients with low blood pressure, they should Seek early medical advice, including the regulation of blood pressure, diet eating liquid food, add some salt intake, even healthy people usually pay attention to drink plenty of water, avoid the fatigue decreased blood pressure.

Display dark

Around multicoloured

Just think, we only light and dark colors around a variety of grays, are immediately feel very heavy? also will become depressed, will feel very tired. I went to Harbin in the winter, gray buildings with no green plant ornament, it’s easy to think the city makes people sleepy and weak.

If we were in their usual work and rest environments, add some warm decoration, such as yellow, Orange, pink, especially the Red ornament, the color of the flame, can make our spirits. This is visually stimulating effect on the nervous system, while warm colors can help you eliminate fatigue, excessive use, can become very exciting, energy can easily be spent. So, even if you want to make your own energetic and don’t get around all red, it’s colorful!

Lung-Qi deficiency

Drink Dang Shen tea

Work hard, skinny guy in the early autumn of the body prone to fatigue, recurrent, Chinese doctors believe it is caused by deficiency of, generally due to lung-Qi weakness or lung and spleen-Qi deficiency, leading to weakened body’s ability to resist the evil outside violation, lack of spirit. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University who recommended Huang Qihui, an associate professor of medicine in the performance some Dang Shen tea, and Astragalus.

Dangshen and Huangqi herbs is Qi-invigorating traditional Chinese medicine, and more peaceful, the price is cheap, it is suitable for health care. When making the dang Shen tea, with 20 grams of radix codonopsis and 10~15 grams of astragalus, drink better water boiling for 10 minutes.

For those who fall easily repeated colds and will drink this dang Shen tea also has to prevent the common cold. However, because of the dry climate in the fall, don’t drink the tea during the fire, otherwise symptoms may exacerbate it by train. (Comprehensive health times)

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