Eight health benefits of honey

Honey winter winter winter honey is produced in winter, seasonal, tonic effect is good, just for fall/winter tonic.

Jujube honey effect:

1, blood, soothe the stomach, bowel.

2, temperature of jujube honey ganping, high vitamin c content, nutrient-rich, are nourishing the preferred nectar species.

3, with “Bu Zhong Yi Qi and nourishing blood and tranquilizing mind blood and nourishing spleen and stomach nursing the spleen and stomach, lungs and tonic, and yin and Yang, and Ying-wei” effect, longer than the blood, is the choice of modulation of traditional Chinese medicine with honey, but also women, children, the elderly and infirm patients the best honey.

Tips  Eight health benefits of honey

Jujube honey in action:

1, for the virtual dry and postpartum bowel constipation. Internal or honey and emboli, into the anus. Can also be matched with other Aperitive.

2, for lung dryness due to Yin deficiency, chronic cough sore throat. Alone or used with lungs cough medicine. In addition, expectorant cough medicine as the loquat leaf, coltsfoot flower, asters, etc when treating a dry cough, cough, often this stir-fry (fried with honey).

3, for chronic debilitating diseases. Can be used as adjuvant. Pills, nourishing cream nourishing agents, often used to nourish, vehicle. Drug benefit popular fried with honey, to enhance the efficacy of tonic. For ulcer disease, chronic hepatitis has some effect.

In addition, coated with sores, Scalds, detoxify and protect the wound’s role and to ease the toxicity of drugs such as aconite, monkshood, guiding drug, liver function.

Tips  Eight health benefits of honey

Benefits: quick relief of fatigue

All natural foods, neurons in the brain of energy required in the highest concentrations in honey. Fructose and glucose in honey can be quickly absorbed by the body, improve the nutritional status of the blood.

To eat: at noon a cup of honey.

Advantage II: after the Elimination of food indigestion

Honey stomach normal secretion can also enhance the role of intestinal peristalsis, could significantly shorten the time.

Eat: hollow take 25 grams of honey every morning and night.

Tips  Eight health benefits of honey

Advantage three: ziyin lungs cough expectorant

Honey has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, lungs, cough effectiveness of antitussive action of loquat honey is best.

Eat: pear, sliced mixed with honey to eat, several times a day.

Advantage four: help fast hangover

Honey ingredients containing a most fruits do not have fructose, it can promote the alcohol is absorbed, so they can be quickly up and lifting the head pain after drinking.

Eat: eat before drinking 50 g of honey or honey-coated biscuit bread, drink and drink honey.

Good Friday: excited nerves “sleep”

Honey, glucose, vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium can regulate the function of the nervous system, relieve nervous tension, promote sleep. And honey there is no other drug has depression, fatigue, distractions and other side effects. Apple Honey calm features stand out.

Eat: a spoonful of honey before bed every night.

Tips  Eight health benefits of honey

Advantage six: wound treatment of opportunistic

Acidity of honey after removing sugar the same as vinegar, bacteria in the wound site may not be able to survive. Even in the absence of bacteria, in the presence of it, the wound will greatly reduce the degree of swelling, pain, and also remove dead muscle, speed up wound healing.

Eat: wash the wound with 10%~15% honey sauce, covered with a smear pure honey.

Benefits: the skin-nourishing anti-aging

Honey is the best skin care products. It can supply nutrients to the skin with elasticity of the skin, can kill or inhibit the adhesion of bacteria on the skin surface, also remove the pigmentation of the skin, promoting the regeneration of epithelial tissue.

Eat: Add a spoonful of honey in a spoonful of grape juice, grape juice after adding flour and honey mask.

Benefits of eight: protection of wild “heart”

Honey nutrition and metabolism of myocardium and cardiac function, increased hemoglobin, cardiac diastolic, prevent blood coagulation, ensure the blood flow in your coronary arteries is normal.

Eat: drink a cup of honey every morning and night.

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