Soup bones calcium calcium supplementation does not expose food champion

We all know that calcium from food is the most natural way. However, many diets recommend often ignored some important requirements: first, the calcium food must be readily available, inexpensive and, secondly, this food is large enough to eat every day, ate more friendly; and, third, effective absorption of the calcium; and, finally, this food must be easy to eat, taste taste is tolerable. Therefore, foods with high calcium content is not necessarily the best source of calcium. So, which foods can meet the “harsh” requirements to become champion of calcium in food?

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Cereal – oats. All kinds of cereal, oat calcium content, up to 7.5 times as much white rice. Although oat calcium absorption rate as the calcium in milk is still beneficial to prevent calcium deficiency. If the oats and black sesame seeds into tasty congee, calcium is better.

Beans – beans. Each 100 g of kidney beans with skin of 349 mg calcium, is nearly twice times the beans, spiced kidney beans, plum kidney beans as a snack or appetizer, it is a good method of calcium.


Fruits and vegetables – spinach, rape. Many leaves on the effect of calcium supplementation is not inferior, including amaranth and rape of calcium content than the same weight of milk. In addition, vegetables contain a lot of vitamin k helps absorption of calcium and minerals. Vegetables cooked in boiling water to Blanch, calcium absorption rate will be better.

Nuts – hazelnut. Hazelnut in the nuts with the highest calcium content, calcium content per 100 g fried hazelnut up to 815 mg, calcium to meet adult day demand. But nuts energy is generally high, a handful a day.

Fish-Loach. Under the same weight, Loach nearly 6 times times the calcium content of the carp, are fish about 10 times. Braised tofu Loach Loach and tofu combining two kinds of calcium-rich foods, calcium supplementation is definitely something.

Drinks-milk. Milk is a good source of calcium, drink 250 grams (a bag) of milk, about 275 milligrams of calcium can be obtained, and easy drinking, good absorption.

Spices-the sesame sauce. After the sesame seeds ground sesame paste, and digestibility greatly improved. Eat a tablespoon of tahini (25 grams), which contain calcium up to about 200 milligrams. Tahini can be used for salad sauce and instant-boiled mutton sauce is also used in pastries such as rolls, pancakes, fire.

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