Lose weight without diet dessert diet

Lose weight without diet dessert eat fat

Sweet OK time:

Nutritionists say, around 10 o’clock in the morning and around four o’clock in the afternoon is the best time to eat dessert. This time period appropriate to taste sweets, can eliminate fatigue, adjusting the mood and relieve stress. But only “points” but so far, not much food.

High calorie desserts after meals

In addition to the time of the morning and this morning, trying to avoid sweets on an empty stomach, because an empty stomach when heat absorption effect is best, and it’s easy to unwittingly eat more. High-calorie snacks such as cheese cake, eating better, and eat foods with fiber in digestion, less heat absorption, and it is not easy to eat too much.

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Sweet taboos:

Eating sweets before going to bed at night, it is really dangerous, because we eat dessert must exercise to metabolize sugar, so eat dessert in the evening immediately after sleep, these sugars are not consumed, will translate into the meat in your stomach.

Choose your sweet partner

If science mix, snacks can also be sweet but not fat.

We eat whole wheat bread and fruit are good choices, fruit and whole-grain fiber fiber is able to keep in shape, trace amounts of sugar does not cause weight gain, and after eating bread and water also affect digestion in the stomach, avoid fatty deposits. Can of course with some tea or peppermint water, weight loss fat of the tea itself, mint water can play a role in this, or sparkling soda can, it can increase your sense of satiety, and allow you to eat less.

While they eat the cookie, with some vegetables or sour fruit these fruits and vegetables can reduce the sweetness and reduce consumption. In any case combination, it is best to control the amount of sugar a day below 50 grams, so that we can guarantee a good figure.

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Too much exercise

Less activity when sweet foods is to eat less, but usually is the peak period of vacation time for many people to eat sweets. Holidays at home, relax, all too easy to eat a lot of sweets, besides at home don’t want to exercise, obesity will naturally come.

If the total daily consumption of sugar exceeds 50 grams, so every extra 50 grams, we can try to take more exercise for 45 minutes, according to this Division, if we are not careful to eat half a 9-inch cake, so we need to play a game of tennis or mountain climb 2 hours. Not as long as the exercise we can eat, exercise is only a remedial method, key to good health is to start within the pipe mouth.

Is safe to eat dessert every day:

In General, the snack is best accounted for every body needs calories worth of range between the low activities just eat less, more activities, you can eat more. Currently available on the market most of the dessert calories and nutrition label, reference books can also be the dessert calories cupping.

If digitizing Dim sum calories, low activities of daily Dim sum calories the allowed range is between 150-200 calories, exercise moderately was between 250-300 calories, while the high exercise one can about 400-500 calories or so. Of course, the Dim sum calories and weight range of high and low, personal relationship between physique and caloric intake has, and should be designed in accordance with personal circumstances and strategy and adjustment.

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The security component of the dessert:

Cheesecake: 1/3

Tiramisu: 1/2

Cake: cream of small, 1 piece

Breads: sweet bread (small) 1

Hamburgers or hot dogs: 1/2

Doughnuts: a copy of a

Sandwich: 1/2

Cookies: baking soda cookies 30 g

Plain biscuits: 4-5

Milk crisp cookies: 2-3

Sandwich bread: sandwich cookies 3

Wafer sandwich: 3 blocks

Chocolate pies: one at a time

Jellies: 2 cups.

Japanese-style sweets (small): one two

Crispy: 1/2

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