Simple lemon juice diet

The simpler and more effective lemon juice diet

1, lemon banana diet tea

Ingredients: fresh banana 2 slices fresh lemon 1 tablet 9 flowers of Chrysanthemum.

Method: first warm the Cup, putting chrysanthemums and lemons into boiling water, cover and soak for five minutes to slag lemon Chamomile tea, add banana slices, soak in the tea and serve.

Function: this is a lemon suppresses appetite and weight loss tea. Banana-lemon acid and astringent when mixing, chemical reaction would be to control hunger, reduce your appetite.

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2 lemon seaweed slimming tea

Material: kelp 100 grams, 100 grams lemon juice, rock candy a little.

Procedure: Rinse and cut the kelp, put milk in the pot of water and 100 grams of fresh lemon juice to a boil, season with a little icing sugar after cool drink.

Function: iodine in kelp, can promote the secretion of thyroid hormones, increase metabolism, and lemon juice to diastolic soften blood vessels, improves blood circulation, improves gastrointestinal function. This kind of tea is to eliminate stagnation in the subcutaneous fat, weight loss goal, consumption may, on their own, but not to drink.

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3, lemon and honey wine

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon honey, cognac in moderation.

Procedure: mix lemon juice, honey and brandy, evening drink.

Effect: this wine can help you fall asleep, sleep better, and also beauty, weight loss.

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4, diet weight loss principles

Proper nutrition is the key to “moderate”, mainly implemented through a balanced diet. Balanced diet is a diet containing nutrients, range, sufficient, appropriate proportions. Specific requirements are as follows:

(1), various foods, grain

A balanced diet must be made up of a variety of food, promoting the wider variety of food. A variety of foods including five categories: cereals and tubers; animal food, pulses and derived products vegetable and fruits; pure heat food.

(2), eating more vegetables, fruits and tubers

Rich in vegetables, fruit and potatoes meal.

(3), often eat legumes and their products

Rich in protein and vitamins, with high calcium content, a high utilization rate.

(4), eating the right amount of fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat, eating less fat and lard.

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