Three groups should avoid the use of probiotic yogurt

Questions on probiotics, on January 24, the United States a woman combined with other consumers of California sued France Danone. The woman said, Danone yogurt containing probiotic product “DanActive” advertisement claimed to have “clinically proven to help enhance the body’s ability to ward off disease” and “improve the body’s immune system”; another yogurt containing probiotic product “Activia” ad says “helps to regulate the digestive system. “These advertisements containing false, misleading consumers.

The woman’s lawyer asked Danone to buy these yogurt from all United States consumers, reimbursement amounted to $ 300 million in reparations. Lawyers for Danone’s allegations: “Danone made for false advertising to consumers who pay attention to their health for sale different from regular yogurt does not, but high price of yogurt and gain hundreds of millions of dollars. “The lawyers said, funded by the Danone-funded research even suggests that” no definitive evidence “found that the product is good for health.

Meanwhile, Danone yogurt in the United Kingdom is in trouble, United Kingdom food standards agency recently released a research report noted that “researchers need to get more information about probiotics affect the immune system in order to examine the effects of probiotics on human. ”

“Probiotic bacteria may cause death,” said one, many experts agree that the “impossible”. According to China milk industry association governing, and Guangzhou City milk industry association, Chairman of Wang dingmian, introduced, benefits health bacteria is a collectively, benefits health bacteria has Shang hundred species strains, and China National provides can into daily food using of only more than 10 species, and domestic businesses common of only 10 species eight species, including lactic acid bacteria, and double Qi Bacillus, and addicted to acid milk Bacillus,; abroad common of strains also only more than 10 species. Other bacteria can eat in study.

Probiotics expert, South China University of light industry and food College Professor Zeng qingxiao said State regulations, allowing the use of probiotics for human health, is useful, to date they have not been found on the body “in jeopardy”. For normal, all the crowd is appropriate, but suitable for seriously ill patients, are less clear.

First affiliated hospital of Jinan University Medical Director Yang believes that recognition and national validation of the medical sector, approved the use of probiotics, security is reliable. As for the “drink containing probiotic yogurt drink led to death”, he considered that possibility is very small, high mortality rates in patients with pancreatitis, death complex, even drinking the probiotic yogurt played a small role in the meantime. He suspected there may be with probiotic yogurt is other harmful bacterial contamination.

Although the probiotic argument there is no final conclusion, but researchers at the University of Utrecht, the three groups should avoid the use of probiotic yogurt: patients suffering from organ failure and needed special care patients and by liquid foods nasal feeding a living patient.

The article collected by HealthyFoodCN.

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