Women of donkey-hide gelatin beauty tips

It is often said, good women have good color, good blood. Donkey-hide gelatin is good at treating various disorders caused by deficiency and moisten the skin by blood, can regulate menstruation baotai, improve their health, improve sleep, brain puzzle, anti-aging, and helps to combat a variety of diseases, including cancer. Therefore, many women like to use gelatin to nourishing the blood, tone the body. But some people after taking the donkey-hide gelatin, are loss of appetite, stomach fullness.

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Women of donkey-hide gelatin beauty tips

It turns out that this is because gelatin is sick of HIV/AIDS, long-term injury of spleen and stomach, digestive dysfunction occurs, thereby affecting the appetite. Therefore, the use of donkey-hide gelatin, especially the insufficiency of spleen and stomach, preferably with spleen and stomach medicine, which will promote the digestion and absorption of donkey-hide gelatin, natural effect multiplied. In addition, you should also pay attention to the following aspects:

1. fire prevention HIV: after some taking donkey-hide gelatin, there will be fire and hyperactivity of the performance, such as the nose, lips and other parts of many hot sores or dry eyes, increased redness, gum, even throat pain and symptoms such as constipation or blood in his stool. Causes for these symptoms be caused by taking fresh donkey-hide gelatin. Due to the limitations of the existing production process, with some burn, new made of donkey-hide gelatin, served fresh phenomenon of donkey-hide gelatin will engender anger hyperactivity. From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, has just made a Jiao Jiao should not take new shall be placed in a dry place for more than three years, until after the burn on its own extinction, before they can take.

2. less with tonifying Qi: Qi and blood to breed with each other, that gas makes blood, blood can nourish, and blood and invigorating qi to achieve, therefore, gelatin and Astragalus, codonopsis Qi tonic.

3. the method: the smell of donkey-hide gelatin, and if blunt, not fishy enough, bad taste. Therefore, the bulk of donkey-hide gelatin, to be broken into small pieces, the smaller the better, so that molten-based can. The donkey-hide gelatin, sugar, rice wine in a metal container, fire and steam for 30-45 minutes, after the fire to boil, and then reduce heat slow steaming. Jiao cool after steaming sticky thickened, and serve immediately. While suffering from a cold, cough, diarrhea and other diseases or menstruating, should stop taking donkey-hide gelatin, or stop, and then I was ill continue taking. In addition, according to tradition, during the taking of donkey-hide gelatin needs to avoid certain food, such as raw food, carrot, tea and so on.

4. storage: donkey-hide gelatin easy to damp, not resistant to high temperatures. May place the gelatin in food packaging bag, tie and then put it in the fridge to save. But once after removal from the refrigerator, will be made immediately. Ejiao soft extract of the family make better medicines also need to seal the storage in the refrigerator.

In addition, some women simply in the hope of donkey-hide gelatin tonic is not desirable, weekday should pay attention to eating food rich in protein, iron, zinc and vitamins that might not otherwise have sufficient good face of qi and blood.

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