Four kinds of foods can remove halitosis

In General, the smell in the mouth for two reasons: 1. oral unhygienic; 2. gastrointestinal dysfunction. And no matter what the cause, the culprit is bacteria. To find dental doctor, he may put forward two proposals: first, to eat well, that is, pay attention to a balanced diet, getting enough protein and carbohydrates, and vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, and second, the best brushing or flossing your teeth after a meal. There is a way, there are several food itself is to remove bad breath expert and can prevent bad breath again.

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This herb helps to eliminate mouth odor, especially tobacco smoke. If you do not have a find parsley, coriander, mint, can also play a role in removing bad breath. In order to achieve better results, something was chewing the longer the better, or to drink tea. In addition, this herb is good for digestion.

Tips  Four kinds of foods can remove halitosis 28759522421_42e29d465f_o

Latest research suggests that yogurt every day can reduce hydrogen sulphide levels in the mouth, because the substance is bad breath culprit. Time yogurt can also block harmful bacteria in the mouth, these bacteria can cause gum disease or dental plaque. However, only the natural yogurt has the effect, not sugary yogurt to this effect.

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