Several anti-body kidney leakage

TCM believes that “kidney is the congenital Foundation” means that the kidney is the body’s natural energy warehouse. My usual “kidney” lock on, inventory management, is the Tao of kidney.

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Any medicine, drugs and share the misconduct of these drugs can damage the kidneys. Many drug metabolism to be dissolved in the urine out of the body, the function of the kidneys concentrate urine, so drugs during local drug concentration is very high. If taken improperly would increase concentration, makes the kidneys become targets of drug.

Bread and pastries are a food additive “potassium bromate”, which give baked goods gluten strength and flexibility necessary, eat soft, but too much can damage a person’s central nervous system, blood and kidneys. The International Agency for research on cancer has been classified as a carcinogen.

Drink tea is a popular hangover, but also injured one way. Of theophylline in tea can quickly affected the kidneys and diuretic effects, alcohol at this time and before it explodes, then from the kidneys, the kidney was a lot of acetaldehyde stimulated, which damage kidneys function.

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