10 code of the sea to eat and drink smart weight loss

Weight Loss  10 code of the sea to eat and drink smart weight loss 28727608172_63d4274744_o

A lot of meat with skin and fat, such as chicken skin, skin and fat pork and so on, eat before you put those parts removed. In addition, the outer layers like cake and sandwich creamy, scrape off all the best not to eat, if you can’t do that, half is much better than gobbling all.

Reminder: meat-Huan, also be appropriate to eat meat. The meat is fit for human consumption–fish, chicken, rabbit, beef, lean pork.

Not to eat bread and butter, peanut butter, you can use nonfat jam; and avoid tea or coffee with cream and sugar, plus, you can use low-fat milk and sugar substitute instead. Other than that. Salad and steak sauces are also very high in calories, so it’s better than the better.

In sweet and sour sauce, honey, flour and other greasy dishes, advice you can next to a bowl of water or soup after eating before you put food in it, drain off the excess oil. If it is not convenient, with a napkin or a portion of rice to absorb the oil, is also a good idea.

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