Controlling five times to lose weight

People five times in one day is most like to eat, and at this time, indulge your appetite, over time, symptoms such as obesity, overweight will come when least expected. But if you can spell or substitute other forms, that the people who are losing weight with less effort.

Woke up in the morning must add heat

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Body when in the early morning, now more than 8-10 hours belong to the fasting State. In order to meet the working and studying in the morning, must add calories. Contains about 110,000 calories a cup of hot chocolate, a glass of orange juice contains about 109,000 calories needed within a day of folic acid and 15%. And chocolate and fruit juice is good for simple carbohydrates, which is a source of energy.

If you want a day full of energy, you need to consume enough calories, a chocolate or orange juice, then add a cup of yogurt or fresh fruit can meet this demand, so you can better implement weight loss program.

Best to eat whole grains made of biscuits, bread or sugar-free yogurt and fruit, they are more conducive to digestion, will not inhibit your appetite at lunch. In addition, because of the not-so-hungry, you can also choose sensibly lunch foods, to eat healthier.

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