Fat man’s weight-loss food

Successful men socialize more often meat and inevitably cause a big belly, neck diameter. Shape aspect is not something, the problem is one fat, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver tends to come, has brought these problems to the pain and trouble. Smart wives about how fat her husband nursed back to? seaweed food is one more child.

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Known as seaweed, kelp, seaweed, wakame is such home-style dishes. Seaweed has a gelatinous substance called alginate, because it is found in Brown seaweed, also known as alginate. Seaweed water bubble, the surface will have a slimy layer of glue, it is alginate.

Contribute to high blood pressure is an important factor of trace elements in the human body sodium and potassium balance. As a result of salt, sodium people eat every day, but may not be able to add enough potassium. Therefore, many people, especially in patients with hypertension often in a State of high potassium and low sodium. Can body supplement potassium and sodium reduction is clearly a useful method for prevention and treatment of hypertension.

Seaweed alginate was actually wrapped in potassium, calcium, magnesium and other metal ions in the mixture. Alginate has a characteristic in an acidic environment, and separation of metal ions such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, alkaline environments, combined with the metal ions. Seaweed after entering one’s stomach, in the presence of gastric acid, alginate was released containing metal ions such as potassium. But because of the alginate cannot be absorbed by the stomach, so it will continue to travel in the body. Alginate into the intestine, because the gut is alkaline, it will look for the metal ion binding, because people eat salt every day, intestinal sodium ions up to, so a lot of sodium alginate combined, and firmly wrap until it passed out of the body. It seems that eating seaweed can add and remove excess sodium for potassium.

In addition, the alginate can reduce cholesterol in the body. First of all, after the alginate into the digestive system, gum will package some cholesterol, make it impossible for this part of the cholesterol absorbed. Second, digestion and absorption of fats on its own secretions of bile acids, bile acids, the more absorption of more fat. Some bile acids that break down fat will be absorbed by the intestinal wall and use of alginic acid glue in the intestine, can obstruct bile acid absorption, reducing the number of bile acid in the gastrointestinal. At this point, the body automatically new bile acid synthesis to add, raw material for synthesis of bile acid and cholesterol in the liver. This means that the synthesis of bile acids, cholesterol in the liver are consumed, and also will be reduced in cholesterol in the blood. Through the above block absorption of cholesterol and promote consumption of cholesterol in the liver, and played a good hypolipidemic effect of alginate.

Of course, the seaweed benefits not only that, it also contains a wealth of human essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and so on. Sea algae food both salad and the soup is very tasty.

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