Women should pay attention to “morning glass of water”

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Healthy body must maintain moisture balance, people should be drinking 7-8 glasses of water in a day, especially female friends, drinking enough water can nourish the skin, making skin more smooth. “Morning”, early in the morning’s first cup of water is especially important. You may have used to get up in the morning to drink a glass of water, but do you ever look at, women are supposed to drink a glass of water?

What benefits does drinking in the morning?

A … Add water-the human body while sleeping at night from urine, consume a lot of water in the skin, breathing, after getting up in the morning the body is in a State of physiological water. One night the body loses about 450 mL of water, metabolism of morning water replace water loss.

B. prevent constipation – get up in the morning after drinking also can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, moist intestines, softens the stool, fecal excretion, prevention and treatment of constipation.

C. scouring gastrointestinal – gastrointestinal tract has been emptying after getting up in the morning, when water washing to clean the intestines, dilute stomach acid, reducing stomach irritation, gastrointestinal tract in top condition.

D. clear our heads–got up and drank the water will soon be absorbed by the intestinal mucosa into the blood, can effectively increase the blood volume, blood thinner, reducing blood viscosity, promote blood circulation, prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, and can make a rapid recovery of the brain awake.

E. beauty beauty-and body water after getting up in the morning to allow water to rapidly transport all over the body, helps blood circulation and can also help the body flush out toxins, moisturizes the skin, leaving skin radiant. The beauty of the female friends to drink this glass of water.

What are you drinking?

Fresh water is the best choice. Water is the natural state of the water after boiling and to go through layers of purification treatment, the microbes in the water were killed in high-temperature, boiling water and calcium and magnesium is good for your health. Studies have shown that hard water containing calcium, magnesium and other elements have a preventive role for cardiovascular disease.

A lot of people think that light drinking salt water is good for health, so early morning light drinking salt water, this understanding is wrong. Studies suggest that people without drinking water in the sleep, respiration, perspiration, urinary tract, however is still in progress, the loss of physical activity consumes a lot of water. Get up in the morning to drink some water, quickly so that blood can be diluted, correct at night hypertonic dehydration. While the drink salt water will add to hypertonic dehydration, dry mouth. What’s more, is the first peak of elevated blood pressure in the morning, drinking salt water will make blood pressure high.

The water it is best not to drink the first cup of the morning juice, Cola, soft drinks, coffee, milk and other beverages. Sodas and Colas and other carbonated drinks generally contain citric acid, will accelerate the excretion of calcium in the metabolism, reduce the calcium levels in the blood, drinking can lead to calcium deficiency. While other beverages have a diuretic effect, rather than supplement the body lacks water for drinking in the morning, also increases the body’s need for water, but lack of water in the body.

In addition, honey and lemon juice also has a whitening effect, so women can in the water with a bit of honey or lemon juice, the effect will be better.

What’s the temperature?

Some people like getting up in the morning after drinking ice water in the fridge and found the most refreshing. In fact, drink such water is undesirable, because the gastrointestinal tract have been emptied, too cold or too hot water will stimulate the stomach, causing stomach upset. Morning drink, drink the same as room temperature water is best, when it’s cold to drink warm water, to minimize gastrointestinal irritation. Studies have found that after boiling water cooled to 20-25 ℃, and specific biological activity, it is relatively easily through the cell membrane and can promote metabolism, increase the body’s immune function. The man who used to drinking temperature and cold water, high deoxidizing enzyme activity in vivo metabolic State, reducing the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle tissue, not easy to feel tired. Dry water must affix the night, because the water in the air exposed for too long will be inactive.

For women, because the Constitution in itself rather cold, not to mention the drink cold water, especially in special physiological periods, be sure to drink warm water General water temperature and body temperature approached, which is around 37 degrees. Some people like to drink hot water, especially during the cold winter, but drink the hot water may cause gastrointestinal lesions of the esophagus. Therefore, female friends to drink warm water.

How much to drink?

A healthy person 7-8 glasses of water a day at least (about 2.5 liters), the amount of exercise or hot weather, water quantity will be increased. When you get up in the morning is a crucial period for the new body fluids a day, best drink 300 ml of water.

How to drink?

Water must be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning, or drink before breakfast, or fails to promote blood circulation, flushing the stomach and other effects. Best to drink small SIPs, because excessive water velocity is very negative to the body, may cause low blood pressure and brain edema, causes headache, nausea, and vomiting.

There, the woman is made of water. Water is particularly important for women, the woman must drink the first glass of water in the morning, drink a health, drinking a beautiful!

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