10 kinds of vegetables with taboo

Reasonable meal composition, science and the nutrition to match, is an important aspect of maintaining human health. Vegetarian food is closely related to our meal of the day. Right to eat vegetables, in addition to minimizing the loss of vitamins and toxicity, a more important match is correct. Readers below are 10 important vegetables with taboo, I hope to help you.

With no orange with food, otherwise susceptible to goiter; avoid food with carrots, fleece-flower root, rehmannia; should diet when taking ginseng.

Cannot eat with persimmon, which gathered after the formation of gastric persimmon stone, causing bloating, abdominal pain, vomiting, severe cases can cause stomach bleeding and other life-threatening; not with the banana with the food.

Not with spinach with food, both lubricating the bowel with the fresh, easy to cause diarrhea; cannot be combined with honey with food, with food easy to cause heartache; not with beef with the food, with food heat hot. Here to remind the rural friends, be careful not to fry vegetables leeks, and color matching is not science.

Avoid food with fish, crabs, with fresh damage stomach and generally too old should not eat cooked eggplant, caused by poisoning.

Not with the tofu with fresh, giving people a calcium deficiency, of course, bogey and leeks with the food.

Cannot be combined with vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin c with water; not with Lamb with food, otherwise prone to jaundice and beriberi.

Not with the tofu with food, with food to remove calculus; not with Partridge meat with food, with food is bloating; cannot be combined with the sugar with water; not with sheep liver with the food.

Not with the tofu with fresh, easy to stone formation.

Avoid food with vinegar, or easily damaged teeth; not with the cucumber with the food.

Bogey and CARP with food, otherwise easily lead to edema.

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