Housewife tips: lose weight do the cooking

Port number to start to lose weight, this is known to everyone. All believers will chew bites of cucumber tomato, meat first said 88, is a white cooked vegetables eat like a little monk. Effect is not good, also depressed myself. What diet can color, aroma and taste it?

For many, the mention of weight loss, is eating cucumbers, tomatoes, or start a bland diet, even not eating only drinking. Therefore, it makes losing weight is hard to keep, and unusually hard things.

I’ve also always thought, best way is to not eat to lose weight if they eat more lose weight the more difficult to swallow. Age takes its toll! Now skip a meal, stomach upset. Moreover, because the food inedible, and enthusiasm made it hard for me to focus on weight loss, each time losing weight exercise is fruitless.

However, this time, I started under the guidance of nutritionists, is very healthy in adjusting diet structure. Weight, without burdens, reduces 2KG in three weeks. Although I do not play a significant role, 2KG, but the heart and the spirit was very refreshing. And dietitians also believes that this is the best weight loss results!

So, began to record the tips for easy weight loss. Because I saw it, lose weight this topic very stylish, very awesome, haha.

It tastes neither like bitter medicine like that feeling, but can also use less seasoning, eat one bite from the slim one step closer. For example, in fact, sweet sweet shrimp mix is the sweet bell pepper, just add a pinch of salt and olive oil is good, add some pepper, Ouch that grand master, is a food reward mouth.

The shorter the cooking, the food less nutrient losses, and it is important, you do not need too much fat, sugar, or you can make food taste. Like, stew candy elbow, to into scary of candy volume after long time slow stew only will has sweet of taste, because many candy are was “eat” into meat in has, and mouth on didn’t so sensitive has; but, if do acid sweet chicken block, dang chicken block fried cooked of when, put acid sweet juice poured Shang, not need too more juice, tongue in also can taste out acid sweet of taste, because those taste are is straightforward to package live chicken has, such tongue on will is sensitive to perceived–although, chicken does not too tasty, but for weight loss of people for, It has the taste of happiness than water to cook it!

Do not underestimate, heat sauce is also very scary! For example, mayonnaise! So, to use those flavor but low in calories chicken in adjuvant, Chinese food and Japanese food seasoning is a good choice, when making a salad, mayonnaise with vinegar and wind, heat cut in half! However, fork barbecue sauce, teriyaki sauce, heat is not low, and should be avoided.

Spicy can not only burn fat, and because the taste is strong, can also reduce the use of seasoning!

Both sweet and healthier, even cakes are considered killer food to lose weight, as long as use honey instead of sugar, heat at least halved.

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