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Reaching middle age, most people grew fat, a variety of reasons, such as lack of employment, poor metabolism, eating and drinking, excess nutrients, formation of subcutaneous fat. Obesity can be divided into three types: stocky, round-bellied, abdominal waist loosely. For different obesity, different therapeutic feeding programmes can get satisfied with the results.

Waist fat people:

Diet meals should be properly arranged and less difficult to digest meat, poultry, eggs, even to eat, should have for lunch if dinner is easy to gain weight. Dinner should be based on vegetables, fruits, and eight full basis. Don’t go to bed after dinner, between dinner and bed at least every 3 hours.

Remember: don’t eat supper because of greediness.

Pot-bellied person:

Due to the usual nutrient intake too much, too few calories, “import and export” does not balance, resulting in excessive accumulation of nutrients in the abdomen makes it “a dark horse”. To make “big belly” becomes “slim”, the key is changing the daily diet, grasp the overall “less meat and more, and try to eat less” principle. Best to stop eating one meal per week. When you stop eating in order not to make the stomach vulnerable “grievance”, eat small fruits.

Relaxation of the lower abdomen by:

Its main cause is drinking too much. Too much water will increase the burden on the kidneys and bladder, stomach relaxation. In order to remedy, should strictly control the volume of water a day. Drink small amounts at a time, don’t “paint”.

Small diet recipes

Fresh mix of three skins:

Watermelon Peel 200 g, 200 g cucumber skin, melon 200 grams. Watermelon rind scraped the waxy skin, melon scrape down jacket, together with the yellow rind, blanch in the boiling water pot, let cool and cut into strips, add a little salt, monosodium glutamate, dish to eat. Regular consumption with qingre lishi slimming effect.

Red bean porridge:

Red beans 30 g, rice 50 gram. Wash the red beans, rice, into a pot, add water and cook until rice into gruel. 2 times a day, eaten as a breakfast and dinner, jiufu diuresis dampness, invigorating the spleen and weight reduction.


Oatmeal 50 g. The Oatmeal into the pot, add water when water boils, stir and cook until soft. Or 250 ml of milk and oatmeal porridge. Once a day, take breakfast. With lipid, slimming effect, for obesity, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease patients and healthy persons daily health care.

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