People often eat junk food violence

Junk food not only nutrition, may also make you become bad-tempered, keen to violence! According to the Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao reported on March 12, United Kingdom, Oxford University scientists found that eating junk food for a long time could increase violence.

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Scientists from Oxford University in 1000 16-21 for the study of man, who came from England and Scotland 3 juvenile reformatory. Scientists divide them into two groups, a group of long-term vitamin and nutritional supplements, another set of long-term consumption of junk food, including large packages of chips and the industrialization of the high-calorie processed foods, then a 1-year follow-up observations. So far, the study has shown that eating junk food were more likely to use violence to solve problems, bad-tempered, but has not yet announced specific data. Scientists explained that when the brain is extremely lacking important nutrients, especially the lack of important components of neurons in Europe when gamma-imidazole-3 fatty acids, the brain would lose flexibility, lack of concentration, impaired self-control and propensity for violence increase. Nutrition and junk food a single, long-term consumption could cause nutrient loss.

Earlier, United Kingdom scientists to test the 231 prisoners and found that while in detention, criminals take nutritional supplements their violent emotion much less than usual. Said yuehansitan, a professor at Oxford University, studies have shown that improved diet can make a person feel stable, can improve their health.

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