Eat these fruits give you “good look”

1. Cherry

Cherry and warm, sweet and slightly sour. In the spleen, liver, regulating Qi, expelling wind and dampness, yangjing diarrhea tonic function. Weakness after illness, shortness of palpitations, rheumatism, back pain and have very good results.

Fresh red cherry fruit beauty since ancient times, ancient medical books say it can “skin”, “good color”. It’s, iron is the first of all the fruit of the cherry, iron is the raw material for synthesis of human hemoglobin, so the best fruit of cherry red colour.

2. cranberry

Also known as cranberry, OPC antioxidant-rich 20 times times the vitamin c, vitamin e, 50 times. Its antioxidant protection and formation of collagen membrane, reduce the loss of collagen from the source, to keep the skin elastic and delay skin aging.

3. peach

Pectin peach rich in iron and can remove wastes from the body, blood and spleen, adding Ruddy complexion, since ancient times, has been indispensable to the Palace in the secrets of beauty ingredients, eat can cause skin finely smooth white cheeks, as if wiping of natural effective moisturizer.

Peaches contains natural constituents of convergence, you can increase the skin’s elasticity and prevent wrinkles, pseudo-wrinkles and fine wrinkles and repair role, combined with the scent aroma, has been woman’s favorite. When I have time, do a peach than mud mask, not only to detoxify cool, can also eliminate the wrinkles of the skin, ideal for sensitive skin and the summer’s strong sun burns the skin.


Pears and vitamin c in mild cleansing and detoxifying effect and skin moisturizing and repairing effect, especially for sensitive and burn the skin.

Its antioxidant protection and formation of collagen membrane, reduce the loss of collagen from the source, to keep the skin elastic, delay the aging of skin, and enhance blood circulation, transporting nutrients and oxygen to the skin, making skin Ruddy gloss.

Pears also topical, playing the juice in the agent in Apple and pear, will immerse absorbent cotton lay in fruit juice, nonfat and paved on the face (the juice dripping down a towel), ten minutes later, washed with water, apply a thin layer of moisturizer. Two or three times a week, Whitening Moisturizing effect on the skin.

5. sugar cane

Sugarcane is rich in minerals, potassium, vitamins c, e, and so on, has good soothing, antioxidant, balancing electrolytes, and can provide comprehensive protection for sensitive skin, reduce the appearance of skin allergy.

6. grape

Grapes contain OPC and specific polyphenols, pulp is rich in minerals. Anti-oxidation, whitening and moisturizing the skin. Toxic substances can also deal with ultraviolet rays in, activate skin!

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