Body is a treasure of Durian Durian shell fire cure

Many people in the habit after eating Durian Durian shell will be thrown away, but did you know that, in fact, is not the only Durian Durian nutritious, Durian shell looks hard and Thorn, but is actually useful. So what effect do you have Durian shell?

Durian shell functions and roles

Durian shell inside the white ones, can be used for soup or boiling, sweet is also very filling, with a very strong fire effects. By Durian shell and lean meat or chicken soup, tasted very fresh and delicious, and heat, in addition to outside the fire, can also play a role in blood and Qi, nourishing Yin.

1, eat durian is lit, but the durian shell is relieve internal heat yield, used to eat soup with clear fire, Yin-nourishing, blood replenishing effect of moisture.

2, Durian shell is good medicine to treat skin disease, Durian shell boiled water to take a bath, not only beautiful skin beauty, but also treat skin itching.

3, Durian shell along with other chemicals, can also be used to synthesize SOAP.

Durian shell soup

Durian flesh of the heat, but relieve internal heat Durian shell Liang, the simple fried Durian shell of salt taken, could very well delay fire solutions, so you don’t have to worry about eating Durian meat will be lit. On the durian Shell white flesh and pork bone and corn, or all three together soup, healthy soup is rare, and faint smell of Durian along with soup and some cleaning, even people who usually don’t like eating Durian may also be acceptable!

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