Top ten magic banana

Wrapped in a gold and white body, sweet, creamy banana, not only delicious, medicinal value, and no less. Especially on long time in fast rhythm, and high pressure, and long sat computer Qian of white-collar are, due to not law of diet, and not health of sitting and long time lack movement, many people are was gastrointestinal disease, and skin disease, and constipation, and hemorrhoids, problem troubled, while also may will has psychological aspects of does not apply, depression, and mood low,, cardiovascular disease also quietly of at Shang has white-collar are. A yummy banana, can help you solve many of discomfort, as well as more unexpected benefits.

Prevention of gastrointestinal ulcers

Ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract of patients taking phenylbutazone, often cause stomach bleeding. Bananas contain a chemical can prevent stomach ulcers, it can stimulate the growth and reproduction of gastric mucosal cells, produce more mucous membrane to protect the stomach.

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Treatment of cutaneous pruritus

Banana peels contain banana skin pigment, it can inhibit bacterial and fungal growth. Experiments show that banana peel treatment for fungal or bacterial caused itching and beriberi, the effect is very good. Can select fresh banana skin and itching in the skin of patients with repeated friction, or mash, fried or washed, used for a few days, you can work.

Lower cholesterol in serum

High cholesterol can lead to coronary heart disease, the Stipe has a cholesterol-lowering effect of banana. Serum cholesterol, and available banana stalks 50 grams, slices, use boiling water brewed into tea, even 10-20, can lower cholesterol.

Treatment of hypertension

In the patients with hypertension and cardiovascular disease is often the “sodium” and “k”, and bananas are rich in potassium.

Potassium ions inhibit the sodium ion constricts blood vessels and damage the cardiovascular effect. Eating bananas can maintain the balance of sodium and potassium and acid-base balance in the body, keeping the neuromuscular coordination of normal and myocardial contraction, so 3~5 bananas a day, good for patients with hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Treatment of depression

Bananas contain a substance that helps the brain produce 6-HT, make people feel happy, lively and cheerful. Depressed patients, who are able to eat more bananas to reduce depression, despair, tired irritable mood faded.

Treatment of cough

Lung-heat cough 1~2 only with bananas, sugar stew served. 1~2 times a day, and even served a few days effectively.

Treatment of hemorrhoids and blood in stool

Banana 2 daily on an empty stomach, not peeled or stewed, and even eat. Laxative, reducing bleeding hemorrhoids.


Because bananas are high in starch, so it is easy to fill and starches into sugars in the body will take some time, so it does not produce too much energy (food) accumulation. From this point of view, bananas can be used as a preferred good food to lose weight.


Banana mask method: half a banana, mash adding milk into a paste and apply it to the face.

After 15-20 minutes to wash away. Can make the skin crisp lubrication, and remove seat sores fade freckles.


Banana peel 60 grams of boiled water drink, clearing the head.

Special reminder: banana cold, spleen, stomach pain in patients with diarrhea should be used sparingly. Bananas contain lots of magnesium, eating can make blood magnesium levels rise, have an inhibitory effect on human cardiovascular system, can cause significant muscle weakness symptoms of sleepiness, fatigue. Medical scientists believe that driver is not available on an empty stomach to eat bananas

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