Doctor suggested that calcium supplementation in order to drink milk on an empty stomach is more effective

Live Healthy  Doctor suggested that calcium supplementation in order to drink milk on an empty stomach is more effective Doctor-suggested-that-calcium-supplementation-in-order-to-drink-milk-on-an-empty-stomach-is-more-effective

Drinking soy milk calcium supplementation seems to have become the consensus of the people, but to how science? According to Taiwan “zhongguang” on February 10, Taiwan at Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital nurses said Tan Dunci, if the purpose of milk are calcium, must drink to be effective. Milk of choice as much as brand choice and choose a small packaging and vacuum bags.

Reports said if calcium milk purposes, including infants and the elderly to drink on an empty stomach, and no more than two drinks a day (in 240ml per cup), you cannot drink milk, because milk contains fat and protein, too much protein can increase the burden of liver and kidney. In addition, flavored milk can add flavor and color, so try to choose milk or choose a brand to share the risk.

Tan Dunci adults, obesity and cardiovascular disease in patients with skim milk is a good choice, avoid high-calorie milk, and not with chocolate, spinach, leek and other foods high in oxalic acid content consumption, as combined with calcium oxalate, increasing the risk of stones. In addition, you cannot drink with carbonated soft drinks, is not conducive to the absorption of calcium. In General, milk for children in rehabilitation and development of diseases, is a very good nutrition.

Soy milk choices, doctors suggest multiple brands, small packaging, vacuum bags and non-genetically modified soybeans. When you drink soy milk, can be eaten together with oats, buckwheat and corn, you can promote the absorption of protein, oats and buckwheat to select the original particle.

Homemade milk must be cooked and not cake, soy contains at least 5 more cancer-fighting substance, but still cannot be more than 2 cups a day, you cannot drink.

Reported to heat milk or soy milk, best to porcelain cups, this can reduce the uptake of tray plasticizer, people with kidney disease, if you are drinking milk must be physician assessment and wash the kidney disease who cannot drink milk.

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